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Easemax Womens Casual Sweet Heart Shape T-Strap Open Toe Buckle Thong Flip Flop Sandals Pink 9OdVgeN Easemax Womens Casual Sweet Heart Shape T-Strap Open Toe Buckle Thong Flip Flop Sandals Pink 9OdVgeN
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Video of me dictating an audio file to Google: Heelys Launch Skate Shoe Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid Black Multi Hearts lHXBxiyp

I use Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software a lot (Actually Dragon for Mac, but have used the PC version too). Dragonwas a game changer for my workflow, and I did not expect that. Check amazon for up-to-date pricing. Home version on Amazon, Professional version on Amazon , and Mac professional version I have not used the home edition so I cannot say why it costs less.

There are four ways I have used Dragon software.

How to transcribe with Dragon, Method #1 – Train it to your own voice:

Dictate your own story, emails or other documents using your voice. This is the software’s real strength since it is set up for you to “train the Dragon.” You read stories and it gets smarter by adapting to your own speech patterns and accent.Another amazing feature is running documents you have written and sent emails through it. This teaches the software phrases and acronyms you commonly use. Once I took the time to configure Dragon and learn the voice commands (“Go to sleep” or “Scratch that”), I have found Dragon Dictate to be very accurate in dictating my speech faster than I can type (85 words-per-minute type test speed). It becomes more efficient if you combinereal-time keyboard and mouse alongwith voice commands. I did not believeI would like it as much as I do, but now I use Dragon to dictate emails and other documents.

One note is that I like using a headset or my podcast grade Blue Yetti microphone that sits closer to my mouth. Although the internal mic on my Mac is pretty good, it still strains my voice after a while if I try to speak loud enough.

There is some learning curve in setup and becoming good at dictation through use of commands, but the payoff for me has been real.

Howto transcribe with Dragon, Method #2 Dictate on the fly:

The second way to use Dragon is to dictate into a digital recorder or the app. Then you can upload files to be processed by the software. The principle is the same as real-time dictation except there is no ability to make corrections and combine keystrokes. This means it is not as accurate, but portability is essential sometime.

It is possible to create a profile for different speakers and to upload an audio file into the software for processing. This method is a lot less accurate and there will be no punctuation. Because of these limitations, if I need a clean transcription it takes more time to clean up Dragon’s work as to just transcribe it in the first place, especially if the interviewee has an accent or the audio sounds far away.

However, if I am doing a large number of interviews and only need the basic gist, I run all the audio filesthrough Dragon as I go. This gives me enough reference to be of use later. (I have found that if I spend just a few minutes editing major words, it improves the ability to search keywords later.) So when I am working on writing a full life history or memoir, with many details from interviews I may want to revisit later, Dragon’s rough-cut accomplishes that. After I return from an interview, I run the audio file through Dragon, usually starting before I go to bed since it takes a while to process. In the morning, I paste thenew transcription into a master Word document. Later, when I am in the thick of writing, I can search by keyword and find related conversations and refresh my memory on details. Here are Dragon’s settings:

In 1962 New Mexico State Records Center and Archives administrator Joseph F. Halpin initiated new inquiries about acquiring the land grant records still being held by BLM in Santa Fe. In a devastating letter reminiscent of Putman's harangue a half century earlier, Wayne G. Grove, Archivist of the United States, rejected New Mexico's request. Grove concluded that although these records had been created during the Spanish and Mexican periods of New Mexico's history, they had been acquired by the federal government and organized for the purpose of dealing with international obligations imposed by the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848. The records therefore had "little or no organic relationship" to New Mexico's extant Spanish and Mexican archives. Grove suggested that instead of trying to acquire the documents themselves, the Commission should acquire a copy of the University of New Mexico microfilm. [53]

Fortunately for New Mexico, the mechanism needed to accomplish the transfer of the land grant records from the BLM office in Santa Fe to the Federal Records Center in Denver moved very slowly, and the records remained in Santa Fe. In 1971 BLM once again announced its intention to transfer the records to Denver, and officials of the New Mexico State Commission of Public Records again protested the impending transfer. They demanded that records of such "historical importance to the people of New Mexico" not be allowed to leave the state. [54]

This time, with the energetic assistance and cooperation of its Congressional delegation, New Mexico's request fell on more sympathetic ears. Citing a federal statute which allowed the National Archives to deposit accessioned records with public or educational institutions when it was in "the public interest" to do so, United States Archivist James B. Rhoads proposed to place the land grant records in the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives on permanent loan. [55]

On 5 January 1972, the commission concurred with Rhoads' proposal and unanimously agreed to accept custody of the land grant records. Angelina Womens All Weather Outdoor Urban LaceUp Ankle Bootie Nude i8R913nDW
On 18 February 1972, the BLM officially transferred custody of the documents to the National Archives. Less than a month later, at 10:00 A.M., 10 April 1972, BLM Director Burton W. Silcock, handed New Mexico Governor Bruce King the 1704 last will and testament of New Mexico Spanish Colonial Governor don Diego de Vargas. It was a symbolic gesture which completed the return of a significant portion of New Mexico's documentary patrimony and cultural legacy. AllhqFashion Womens Pull On LowHeels PU Solid LowTop Boots Brown 3s14EW2

In addition to the documents removed from the Palace of the Governors by the surveyor general in 1855, this remarkable transfer included the records of the Office of the Surveyor General and the Court of Private Land Claims, which contain journals, correspondence, and the case files for specific land grant adjudications.

Dr. Gary Peiffer

Through Holocaust education, I learned the value of tolerance and diversity... I learned that hope can be found in the darkest places, ­­hope can be found even when all humanity seems to be lost. I also learnedthe importance of forgiveness and the power of education.

Samantha Smith / Student Dunham Mens Revstealth Oxford Brown 0fCnh7c

Samantha Smith

The contrast between the extermination camps and present-day Polish cities was quite thought-provoking...The opportunity to travel to Poland and visit sites that I have been studying for the greater part of my adult life was simply priceless. Walking the grounds of the Warsaw Ghetto, the Plaszow Labor Camp, and the death camps of Treblinka, Majdanek and Auschwitz-Birkenau brought home the brutality, despair and overwhelming sadness that permeated central and eastern Europe during the first half of the twentieth century. The juxtaposition of the architectural and cultural jewel of Krakow with Birkenau, the most murderous of the extermination camps, also forced me to grapple with how easily civilization can slide into barbarism.

Jeff Rutherford / Professor / Wheeling Jesuit University Gold Toe Womens Clarke Comfortable Slip On Bow Ballet Flat Casual Dress Skimmer Shoe With Arch Support Rose Gold xZgtM

Jeff Rutherford

Having Howard there, telling his story, allowed for us to more easily relate to the information. Howard made it real. Howard provided a look at the Holocaust that you can't get from books, pictures, video and primary sources. The personal connection is something that cannot be learned in the classroom.

Jake Zirkle / Student / Washington Jefferson University Palladium Pallaville CVS Womens Shoes Rose Dust Wind Chime DazhbOcf7

Jake Zirkle

When I went on this trip, I had been teaching about the Holocaust for 20 years. I had already visited Dachau and Mauthausen, so I assumed that this would be a seminar that would give me a few more facts to add to my lesson and some photos to put into my presentations. I had no idea how wrong I was – so many parts of the trip had a profound impact on me.

Lisa Welch / Teacher / Linsly School Women’s Urban Pride Skate Sneaker Blue MRtbBX

Lisa Welch

I never considered how much MORE of an experience this would be – educationally, spiritually, personally...I did not realize that I would form incredible friendships and bonds with people from different cities, backgrounds, cultures, faiths, etc. Being able to participate in the memorials was something of a healing process, but it was also wonderful to be included in certain Jewish traditions. Everything came full circle.

Betsy Francis / Teacher / Wheeling Charleston Central Catholic High School Mens 508012 Plaid Distressed Lace Up Ankle Boots Brown zXUMHQMU

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Posted by: Stuart Keable , Posted on: - Categories: Fisheries and biodiversity

The River Cut in Bracknell is a tributary of the mighty River Thames and is, typically for a heavily urbanised catchment, challenged in many ways. At least 3 sewage treatment works discharge along its course, and historically the channel was dredged and straightened at a time when this was considered necessary to avert flooding.

Add to this several large weirs which block fish migration, together with year-round run-off from roads and industrial estates, and the result is a river under pressure. But amazingly, wildlife still finds a way, and with a few simple improvements we can start to see it flourish, even in and around an urban centre like this.

The River Cut project site is adjacent to a public recreation centre run by Bracknell Town Council, which already hosts a range of amenities including tennis, mini-golf and basketball. Working with a public land owner is really advantageous, especially when they’re as supportive and insightful as our hosts here. The council have long recognised the value of angling and nature as both an amenity and a therapy to the rigours of urban life, for adults and children alike.

One of the reasons the council was able to attract funding from a diverse range of sources is the high percentage of junior anglers registered with the recently formed Braybrooke Community Nature and Fishing Club. The club started out on a local pond and has juniors sitting alongside adults on the committee. Now the aim is to introduce members to the challenge of fishing on a flowing river. A successful application to the Angling Trust resulted in a grant from its Angling Improvement Fund which has allowed 10 fishing platforms to be built, 2 of which will soon have wheelchair access.

But the club didn’t want to stop there. What if they could improve the river for fish and wildlife? Better habitat would bring more aquatic plants, insects, birds and of course fish. So next they applied to the Environment Agency’s Fisheries Improvement Programme, which was set up for exactly this purpose. By matching the cash grant with labour, and keeping down costs by sourcing wood and brush locally, the partnership has started to transform this once neglected stream into a productive and accessible fishery for all.

As we thin out the tree canopy, light streams into the river and encourages aquatic plants to grow. Much of the river is over-wide and choked with silt, so by creating marginal berms (literally new bits of bank) with the harvested trees, we can make the river meander and increase the flow velocity in the channel. This in turn forces silt downstream, revealing clean gravel below.

Being sited on the edge of an urban centre brings inevitable challenges and this year the river has unfortunately been polluted on several occasions. But rather than being deterred, the partnership has taken this as a cue to engage the local public and business communities in an awareness campaign that is steadily gathering strength. Thames Water, which oversees the drainage network below Bracknell, has joined forces with the Environment Agency to investigate and send out a strong message to deter dumping of oil and chemicals into roadside drains.

As the threat of pollution now looks to be receding, l decided it was safe to boost the river’s native stock of fish from our national fish-rearing facility in Calverton. So on Thursday 14 December 2017, we introduced around 2,000 juvenile chub, roach and dace to help ensure a brighter future for this remarkable little river.

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